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MISSION: We are an inclusive network that collaborates, advocates, communicates, and learns together to create and foster a wide variety of shelter alternatives across the Portland region.

VISION: That all people have access to a choice of shelter that meets people where they are, offers healing and community,  and where they are treated with dignity and humanity. 

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About, History, Funding

Alternative Shelter Network was launched in March, 2022 by advocates from Portland, Oregon homelessness response initiatives, to "create and foster a wide variety of shelter alternatives across the region."  

History / Funding 

1. Multnomah County Commissioner Sharon Meieran, and staff led a budget amendment of $250,000 to support an "Alternative Shelter Learning Collaborative" that was included in the FY 2023 County budget, allocation to [City/County] Joint Office of Homeless Services.

2. In 2023, Commissioner Meieran convened an ad-hoc committee of advocates, referred to as the "Village People," which developed and led advocacy for a $900,000 budget item included in the Multnomah County FY24 budget, Program #30208C - Micro Villages Project". 

See “Microhamlet Advancement Team (the Village People)” document, in which the funding request was developed. 

$900,000 was allocated in Multnomah County FY24 budget approved in the Joint Office of Homeless Services budget (PDF) for “Micro Villages Project” (Program 30208C, p.63-64). See also screenshot of that item.

3. On Oct 30, 2023, the (City/County) Joint Office of Homelessness Services issues a Microvillages Professional Services NOFA (Notice of Funding Availability) outlining the Micro Villages Expansion Project MVEP:

“Scope of Work:

The funding available for this project is $220,000 in one-time only SHS funding to contract with a limited duration project consultant team to complete the foundational work needed to develop an expanded network for a coordinated microvillage system in Multnomah County that could be replicated across Oregon and beyond.

The proposed project deliverables and estimated timelines are as follows:

● Microvillage development process

● Microvillage operations and service models

● Experiences of people living in microvillages

● Effectiveness of microvillages in moving people along the continuum of


The selected contractor will also review existing literature about microvillages, engage with Portland State University’s Homeless Research and Action Collaborative (HRAC), and perform independent research regarding microvillage models and best practices locally and nationally."

Directory of Portland-area alternatives shelters

Portland Area Alternative Shelters List


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